Experience the wonderful effect of a therapeutic massage during your wellness holiday in Fiss.

In Hotel Garni Das Naturjuwel the time stops for a moment – during our professional massages you can rest and forget the everyday´s rush for a moment.

Stimulating massages not only ease the tension, but also strengthen your immune system and establish a harmonizing balance – the right way to end of an eventful ski or hiking day in Fiss.

Enjoy your individual timeout -
every Tuesday and Thursday (in summer only Thursdays)

from 03.00 pm to 07.00 pm.

Pure nature with alpienne - Power of the Alps

Our all-natural massage products originate from organic farming and come directly from Tyrol.

  • Classic whole-body massage
    50 min
    € 62.00

    Relaxation and wellness for the whole body. During this classic therapist massage the histoid will be intensively supplied with blood and thus also better supplied with oxygen and nutrient. By stimulating the metabolism, the slag remove will be increased and the detoxication promoted. The massage is pain-relieving, it loosens the tension and sooths the whole organism. This massage vitalised both body and soul, has a balancing and calming effect and strengthens the well-being.

  • Combination massage
    50 min
    € 62.00

    This is an ideal combination of a back massage and reflexology. The tension in back is harmonised and the whole organism is activated by the reflexology.

  • Partial-body massage
    50 or 25 min
    € 62.00 or €37.00

    A treatment targeted to the dorsal muscles, shoulders, neck and tired, strained legs.

  • Sport massage
    25 min
    € 37.00

    Delightfully loosening and relaxing after sport activity, when your legs are being stressed. This massage encourages the muscle growth and helps against stiffness.

  • Special treatment for head & neck
    40 min
    € 55.00

    Harmonises tension in the head area. This massage is ideal when you are suffering by headaches, migraine or other tensions at the head and neck area.

  • Reflexology
    50 or 25 min
    € 62.00 or €39.00

    Feet are the mirror of the soul. Through the reflex zones on feet, all organs and body parts can be medicated. Thanks to the reflexology, the blood flow is stimulated, organ and tissue functions are improved and the self-regulating forces are supported.

  • Face lymph drainage
    35 min
    € 49.00

    "Anti Aging" for face and neck. The tissue is stimulated through soft, stroking moves. This treatment decongests swellings and bags under the eyes.

  • Ear candling
    50 min
    € 62.00

    In combination with a face lymph drainage

    This treatment is a traditional method in the Indian medicine. By burning an ear candle at the ear canal a light vacuum accrues (chimney effect). This causes a soft eardrum massage, encourages the blood flow and intensifies the lymph circulation. The stimuli are also transferred to the middle ear, what drives a positive influence on the sense of balance and the pharynx. This treatment helps to reduce stress and can ease the sleep disorders and tinnitus.

  • Relaxing massage with aroma oil
    50 or 25 min
    € 68.00 or €42.00

    Soothing and soft relaxing massage with warm essential oils of your choice (rosemary, lavender, rose bloom, amber …)

  • Individual massage
    80 min
    € 115.00

    Enjoy a massage, which is adapted specially for your needs. Our masseuse is happy to advise you and helps you to constellate various massages or oils.

  • Children massage
    20 min
    € 25.00

    Harmonious, easy massage for our young guests (till the age of 12).

Please make a reservation for massages at least one day in advance until 10.00 am at the front office. Thank you.

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